The Village of Ashby-cum-Fenby sits in the Waltham ward in North East Lincolnshire.

The village has a Parish Council which is elected by and answers to the local community.

Read more about Waltham Ward itself, the neighbouring villages of Waltham and Brigsley or read more about the history of the village nearer the bottom of this page.
Find out about the Ashby-cum-Fenby Parish Council here.

About Ashby-cum-Fenby

The village comprises around 100 households in a rural setting.

St Peters Church is the local church and it’s church hall serves the village community.
Hall Farm restaurant is the main local business in the village along with a number of farms.

Ashby-cum-Fenby Parish Council is active in activities for the local community and more information about the Parish Council, including downloadable copies of the village newsletter can be found on their information page here.

Regular Coffee Mornings and Jumble sales take place in the village throughout the year. Visit our news page for latest dates and information.

A number of Alms houses in the village are close to the Church.

The village has a flag pole which we use to mark significant or special occasions.

A number of noticeboards (at the church and on the green near the church hall) can keep residents up to date on village news.

Stories from the village

The Telephone Box

The Parish Council has recently adopted the village telephone box from BT.  We now maintain the box and are looking for volunteers to help with this.  We also are seeking ideas on uses for the box.  A book share scheme to use the box is in the planning stages.


The Parish Council recently helped to improve car standing/parking near to the church.  This has improved the parking now for those using the church (for weddings etc) and for walkers parking in the village.


The village has a large number of footpaths and is a great starting place for walkers.

Cycle Path

Currently the Parish Council is beginning to look at how to get a cycle path on the main road to help better link Ashby to Brigsley for cyclists.


Local news specifically about what’s happening in Ashby-cum-Fenby can be found in our specific news page here.